Eddie Brock​/​Lapse Split

by Eddie Brock

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Split 7" with Lapse on To Live A Lie/Hostile Input Records


released November 4, 2011

Recorded by Kevin Bernsten
Mastered by Scott Hull



all rights reserved


Eddie Brock Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Pointer Thumb Pinky
nothing remains quiet i stand alone
making my own choices i am my own
fuck the established dedicated isolation
regrets leave this tomb i am fucking torn
expectations lead to a fucking disappointment
i’ll walk this fucking line without you by my
side judge me you can burn you will learn to
wait your turn i’ll take your fucking cross and
i’ll stab you in the eye there is nothing i regret in
disgust i will confess i hate my fucking self but
there are no more labels above my head i let
you fucking down and i am not really sorry
because expectations lead to a fucking disappointment
i don’t care i alone am in control of what i do
don’t concern yourself with the shit i do
people fucking change and their ideals too
stubborn fucking pricks i hate you
Track Name: Absol
why am i still here because i fear nothing
negative thoughts plague my mind born
fucked up life is dry so tell me what your
life is like when the walls around you burn
and everything you had mixes with the dirt
i do not know what to feel no I do not know
what to say i have never held to faith when
my life is in disarray i know pain i die i’ve
danced with the devil but I’ve never seen god
it makes it hard to believe when negativity
is all you got